Cinema Saver is the perfect place to host your special event, whether it be a kid’s birthday party, holiday party, video game party, classic movie screenings or any occasion you wish to celebrate. 

All our event bookings provide you with a party room, a private screening of a movie and 35 popcorns and sodas for $150. 

To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking your private party 3-4 weeks in advance.  

Please browse our FAQs below and if you have any more queries around our party hosting please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Commonly asked questions about booking a party at Cinema Saver


* Rossi's (607-754-4567) and Nirchi's (607-786-9978) are the most often used
** Two of our party rooms are also screening rooms with some theater seating



Depending on the time of year 3-4 weeks is usually adequate, but if you need a particular date, the sooner you book the better. However, it's always a good idea to call (607-217-5556) as there are times we have cancellations.

No, you can have your party any day of the week

Yes, we only supply popcorn and soda. You can bring in any food you'd like. All the area pizza places deliver to the theater.*

Yes, you can get in at 9:45 for the morning parties. If you need more prep time just let us know and we'll easily figure it out. For afternoon/evening parties you will be able to get in at least 1/2 hour before the party

35 is just the number of popcorns and sodas provided in the package, not the number of people you can include in the party. The party rooms hold 40-50 people comfortably and the theaters hold 80-100+

Yes, all party rooms and theaters are handicapped accessible

For the morning parties you can watch any movie we are showing, or any movie that's on DVD or Blu-Ray as we can play them through our digital projectors. For afternoon/evening parties you'll need to use a DVD or Blu-Ray as you'll be watching your movie in your party room.**